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“Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without, and know we cannot live within.”

– James Baldwin


Programs are designed to meet you where you are at and are tailored to your unique needs. To learn more, click on Services.

Individual Psychotherapy

Connect 1-1 to understand your patterns and blocks, connect with your self, and start living a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy & Integration

Deepen the potential for healing and gain new insights with the support of ketamine and our multidisciplinary team.

Relationship/Couples Therapy

Work together with your partner(s) and family to have happier and healthier relationships.

Consulting & Training

Developing psychedelic programs for your organization and delivering trainings to your teams.

Holistic and innovative treatment approaches to heal and transform.

Together, we will move from pain to compassion, from disconnection to community, and from surviving to thriving in your life.  

So many of us are stuck in the past or spend our precious time and energy worrying about the future. I strive to create a safe, non-judgemental space where you can learn how to really listen to & connect with the wisdom of your body in the present moment. Subtle and yet transformative, this gives you a more expansive perspective on who you are and what you need to live a more meaningful life. 

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Trauma, Depression, & Complex Mental Health Issues

Many of us have had  challenging experiences in life that prevent us from understanding who we are and experiencing peace & joy in sustainable ways. 

We can work to better understand these experiences and how they continue to impact you in the present, allowing you to live a more connected and fulfilling life.

Life Transitions & Identity Exploration

Career change, new or ending relationships, moving, discovering new parts of ourselves, and grief/loss are unavoidable parts of life. These changes may elicit fear, sadness, and frustration. 

With support, we can learn how to intentionally move through these experience with compassion and grace for ourselves and others in our lives.

Optimize & Enhance Well-being

You may have a sense that something is missing from your life and relationships or blocking you from moving forward. 

By weaving in existential and spiritual approaches, we can explore what a more expansive life can look like. We can discover who you truly are, connect with your purpose, and craft a future that is in alignment with your whole self. 

Explore New Ways of Being

About me

Compassionate and collaborative trauma-informed therapist.

I am an integrative relational psychotherapist who offers warm, attuned care by blending science, art, and spirituality. 

I have been practicing as an individual therapist for 8 years after completing my master’s in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. My professional interest in the mind-body connection began with my education in Buddhist psychology and deepened through publishing mindfulness research & facilitating mindfulness groups. 

I am known to work skillfully by weaving my extensive training with a warm, grounded energy and a good dose of humour. I have walked my own healing journey and understand and anticipate the challenges you may face along the way as well as how to move through them with care.  I believe that healing is possible and that we heal in secure, supportive relationships that allow us to connect with our authentic selves. 

Beyond my private practice work, I am also a part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team that delivers innovative therapies like psychedelic-assisted therapy. I also currently train and mentor therapists working on psilocybin clinical research trials across North America. 

Sabina Pillai, MA
Registered Psychotherapist

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